Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Auto Glass Info: Learn About Windshield Damage and Its Common Causes

Driving with a damaged windshield is unsafe for you and other motorists, including pedestrians. Windshields that have cracks or chips may obstruct your view of the road, which can be dangerous. Repairs are necessary if your windshield is damaged. You can find glass services in Kelowna that provide repairs or replacements to vehicle windshields. By consulting auto glass repair experts in Kelowna, such as those from Enterprise Glass Ltd., you can find out more about the causes of windshield damage and work to avoid or manage them. Driving on Gravel Gravel ricochet is one of the common causes of cracks on windshields. With gravel roads, there are usually small pebbles that fly into the air when a vehicle passes. Most of the damage happens when there are other cars in front, which cause little stones to become airborne. When these stones land on windshields, they leave cracks that may get worse with time.

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