Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Consider Windshield Replacement when Cracks and Chips Begin to Appear

Car experts everywhere agree that a car’s windshield is part of a vehicle’s structural integrity. More than shielding the occupants from the wind as they traverse along a highway, a windshield protects them during accidents. Damaged windshields – even if due only to the smallest chips or the finest cracks – not only blemish vehicle aesthetics, but can also be a major safety issue. What Windshields Are Made Of Windshields, like bike helmets or child car seats, are designed to stay intact during a collision, particularly a rollover accident. Each of these is composed of a layer of vinyl, sandwiched by two pieces of safety glasses. Like bike helmets and child car seats, windshields would not be able to provide optimal protection, should these be weakened by damage.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Main Reasons Why Professional Auto Glass Repair is Better than DIY

Like many locations within Canada, Kelowna is known for its cold and wet winters. Temperatures that regularly dip as low as -4ยบ C (and often lower) between December and February, dictate that the road conditions can be very challenging. It is therefore not uncommon for drivers to experience a crack or chip in their windscreen (windshield). Why is it a good idea to consult with a professional windshield repair company as opposed to opting for a do-it-yourself kit? Here are the reasons. Expert Service One of the issues that a vehicle owner would encounter in a situation similar to the above is not being entirely sure if the chip or crack has been properly sealed. This can often result in a small imperfection suddenly growing quite large. What could have been rectified within an hour may now dictate changing the entire windshield. So, the preventative cost savings alone are worth a trip to a repair shop.