Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Different Factors to be Considered for Windshield Replacement

Front or Back Windshield

There is a difference in the design between front windshields and their back alternatives, foremost of which would be the special moldings from the vehicle’s design. The front windshield glass is intended to maximize the visibility of a driver, and offer toughness to prevent occupant ejection during an automobile crash. Front windshields usually do not shatter when broken, so you might want to consider that too, when getting a replacement.

Adhesive Quality

High-quality polyurethane is recommended for the job if you want to secure the replacement windshield for years. Additionally, it has to be allowed to cure for a prescribed period, for the best outcome. For this, you’d want to rely on your Kelowna auto glass expert, since they would be in the best position to know what kind of adhesive to use. Read more on this article:

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kelowna Auto Glass Tips: How to Keep Windshield Ice-Free this Winter

For Canadian car owners, cold weather vehicle problems are a very common obstacle whenever the winter season comes around. You probably find yourself chipping away at the ice on your windshield every morning you have to use your car. When removing ice and snow, you must keep in mind the proper way to do it. The stress that is added by the freezing temperatures can lead to more problems, if you’re not careful. Your Kelowna auto glass experts would like to share with you a few time-tested tips to remove windshield ice and snow.

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