Thursday, August 13, 2015

Auto Glass Repair Services Ensure You Have a Clear View of the Road

When you’re driving, two of the things that keep you safe are your windows and your windshield. They prevent the wind from blinding you at high speeds and the dirt from getting in your eyes. This is why it is important that that windows and windshields be quickly repaired by skilled auto glass services in Kelowna, like Enterprise Glass Ltd, if they sustain damage. What Makes Auto Glass Different There’s a reason why you'll have to go to a specialist to get your car windows repaired. A lot of people assume that the glass used in cars is the same as the ones used in homes; however, the glass windows of a home don't receive the same strain as car windows. For example, a car will encounter bumps, accidents, and other things that could result in glass shards flying in your direction if your automobile's glass components shatter.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Auto Glass Maintenance Guidelines for the Summer Holidays in Kelowna

As the weather heats up in Kelowna, don’t forget to pay attention to your auto glass. Most folks spend more time on the road, driving long distances to holiday destinations. The amplified vibration on your windshield, coupled with the cool air generated by your car A/C could result in a few problems. Before embarking on that road trip, whether you are a college undergrad going for a dip in Lake Okanagan, or you’re taking your family for a summer getaway, keep these tips in mind: Check your auto glass before and after every trip, especially if your route is full of loose gravel. Keep an ear out for sounds of anything hitting your windscreen. It could be nothing new, but not checking it out as it develops could lead to bigger problems later.