Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Consider Windshield Replacement when Cracks and Chips Begin to Appear

Car experts everywhere agree that a car’s windshield is part of a vehicle’s structural integrity. More than shielding the occupants from the wind as they traverse along a highway, a windshield protects them during accidents. Damaged windshields – even if due only to the smallest chips or the finest cracks – not only blemish vehicle aesthetics, but can also be a major safety issue. What Windshields Are Made Of Windshields, like bike helmets or child car seats, are designed to stay intact during a collision, particularly a rollover accident. Each of these is composed of a layer of vinyl, sandwiched by two pieces of safety glasses. Like bike helmets and child car seats, windshields would not be able to provide optimal protection, should these be weakened by damage.

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